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Free Weight Loss Tips For Burning Stomach Fat During The Holidays

Author: Chung Leong Yu

The holiday season is approaching and its best to strategies your weight loss program and start thinking about some ways to lose belly fat fast! But lets face it, even the hardcore dieters will cheat during the holidays but its fine because with a little planning, you can still lose stomach fat.

Before getting into the tips, lets face the some common holiday season myths.

Myth- Most people gain five to ten pounds of fat during the holidays. But actually, the average person only gains one pound over the holiday period. This means that losing that one-pound of body fat is a walk in the park.

The best way to lose stomach fat is not allow stomach fat to get there in the first place. But if you already have a little pouch, please consider not having more and use these tips to over come it.

Free Weight Loss Tips For The Holidays 1

Stay away from the alcohol because alcohol goes right on your stomach and provides empty calories. One gram of alcohol gives 7 useless calories. Not only that, alcohol drives your energy down and make you mentally weak and give in to fattening naughty foods! Take alcohol in moderation, grab a glass of red wine, which is more beneficial than beer and whisky because of its antioxidants and sip it slowly while talking to valuable guest and friends.

Free Weight Loss Tips For The Holidays 2

Load up the healthy stuff before even thinking about fattening foods. There is two ways to do this. Number one, eat before you go to any party. You can control your food in your own kitchen. Then when you arrive at the party, you would not have a howling stomach to feed and you can control you appetite. The other way is to head on to the healthy section first and fill you stomach with salads, fruits and low fat clean meat cuts. Oh ya, skip the fattening dressings.

Free Weight Loss Tips For The Holidays 3

Eat a large bowl of salad before the main meal and drink a large glass of water to fill up your stomach. Choose lean meats like white meat turkey instead of dark meats and go light on stuffing. Have little or non side dishes and stay away from high fattening foods and foods that have lots of butter.

With that done, I am sure you have no more appetite and your stomach will be too full for pies, chocolate cakes, ice cream and desserts.

Free Weight Loss Tips For The Holidays 4

Now that your stomach is full, head on outdoors and do not even think about the sofa. Go outside and take a walk. Invite your friends and family to have 30 minutes stroll outside and enjoy each others company. Another idea for Christmas is to take your friends and family for caroling. It will be lots of fun especially during this holiday season!

Free Weight Loss Tips For The Holidays 5

Finally, create opportunities for yourself to be more active. Since it is the holiday season, go for more window-shopping. One good shopping session is a few hours of walking! Park further away from the malls and use stairs whenever you could. To avoid eating junk in the malls, eat a healthy low fat meal before you go. Be prepared!

Holiday seasons are full with temptations. Stay focus on what you want and plan ahead so that you do not get trapped into a situation that gets you cheating on your diet. Always think of the feeling and emotions that you will experience after indulging in some that unhealthy, I bet you will put that cookie down!

Use these few free weight loss tips and you may even look better than before! Who knows?

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