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Free Weight Training Routine To Get A Sculpted Body

Author: Chung Leong Yu

Try this weight training routine and get as sculpted as possible and as soon as possible. To push your body to the next level, you have to change your weight training program and avoid getting stuck in the rut. Many people actually are in a plateau phase which they did not know of and in the end of the day, they would not get the sculpted body that they wanted because their muscles are just not responding to their weight training plan anymore.

For muscles to respond and get optimum results, they need to be exercised extra hard and kept on guessing. There for, for change, it is recommended that high intensity technique is applied once a while to give the muscle a shock.

One of the best ways to shock the muscle is by using this weight training routine, which uses a technique, called superset. Superset is a method where by 2 exercises for 2 opposing body part is done back to back without rest. Two exercises for one body part done back to back can also be used as a superset.

The purpose of using this technique is to actually keep the intensity high and to keep the heart rate high as well. For example, if we use a chest and back superset exercise, the back muscle is at rest while the chest muscle is worked. When its time to work the back muscle, the chest muscle is at rest and have time to recover and by the time the chest muscle is worked again, it would already recovered.

For superset with the same muscle group, the purpose is to really exhaust the muscle group and kick the stubborn muscle so that it will grow! A good example is to do a bench press followed by a chest dumbbell flyes. Chest dumbbell flyes is an isolation exercise and it will really compliment the bench press, which is a compound exercise. Again, this will keep your heart rate high in the fat burning mode and shock the muscle.

Check Out This Free Weight Training Routine To Get A Sculpted Body For Chest And Back

1. Chin ups superset with Bench Press
2. Bent over barbell rows superset with push ups till failure
3. Seated cable rows superset with chest cable flyes
4. Close grip pull downs superset with dips till failure

Check Out This Free Weight Training Routine To Get A Sculpted Body For Biceps And Triceps

1. Standing bicep curls with close grip push ups
2. Seated 45 degree dumbbell biceps curls with standing triceps push down
3. Standing cable bicep curls with standing triceps rope extensions
4. Standing bicep hammer curls with bent over triceps kickback

Check Out This Free Weight Training Routine To Get A Sculpted Body For Quads And Hamstrings

1. Seated leg extensions with seated hamstrings curls
2. Leg press with straight leg dead lifts.

Check Out This Free Weight Training Routine To Get A Sculpted Body For Shoulders

1. Dumbbell shoulder press with standing lateral raises.
2. Bent over rear delt reverse raises with barbell upright rows
3. Standing dumbbell front raises and shrugs

The repetition range you should be doing is around ten to twelve. If you go above that chances are you may puke because its so intense! Choose moderate heavy weights and include this workout at least once to twice a month.

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