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What If You Could Improve Fitness And Stimulate Lean Muscle Growth?
By Farrell Seah

Bovine colostrum is a natural, whole-food supplement that offers enormous health benefits to baby cows and humans of all ages. It is a perfect food source that is high in carbohydrates, proteins and antibodies, yet low in fat and very easy to digest.

Because it is the only form of colostrum not specific to the species producing it, bovine colostrum contains all the beneficial immune factors and growth factors found in all other colostrum sources, and these factors are biologically transferable to humans. This is not only a very interesting cow-fact, but also the secret behind many of the most important colostrum benefits.

Supplementation with bovine colostrum can strengthen the immune systemís ability to fight infection and disease, strengthen the body to increase energy and improve athletic performance, and maintain overall health by balancing the processes in the digestive tract. For these reasons, everyone can benefit from colostrum supplementation, and everyone should take advantage of these many colostrum benefits.

Fighting Infection and Disease

Colostrum benefits people fighting infection and disease by offering a concentrated source of immune factors and growth factors that address both the physical symptoms and underlying causes of several illnesses. The immunoglobulins and accessory immune factors in colostrum make it a completely natural and very powerful antibiotic.

Together, these immune factors can boost an underactive immune system to increase resistance to infection, or regulate an underactive immune system to temper the severity of allergies and autoimmune responses. Both immune factors and growth factors actively restore function to the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the passage of disease-causing pathogens through the intestinal lining, and slowing or stopping the progression of many gastrointestinal disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Staying Fit and Active

Colostrum benefits people who wish to stay fit and active by offering a balanced source of nutrition that helps keep the body running smoothly. The growth factors in bovine colostrum stimulate lean muscle growth and promote the burning of excess body fat for energy, while its many immune factors work together to reduce the frequency and severity of infections caused by physical, environmental, and emotional stress.

Because growth factors are active in tissue repair, they can also serve to regenerate skin, nerve, bone, and cartilage in the body, making these particular colostrum benefits effective in reversing many of the signs and physical symptoms of aging.

Maintaining Overall Health

Colostrum benefits anyone who wishes to maintain their bodyís overall health, or increase its resistance to infection and disease. In addition to immune factors and growth factors, bovine colostrum contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, making it a perfect first food for infants, and a perfect dietary supplement for people of all ages.

Through colostrum supplementation, a regular replenishment of immune factors serves to support the immune system by providing immunoglobulins (antibodies) that aid in the everyday removal of harmful invaders like viruses and bacteria, and promote gastrointestinal health.

Because of this ability to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract, colostrum may well be the best practical protection available against autoimmune disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions associated with gastrointestinal disorders. Further, it is completely natural and has no known side effects or harmful interactions with other supplements or medications.

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