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How to choose Best Buy Treadmills?
By Webmaster

Treadmills are awesome exercise equipment because they are able to simulate exercises that are both comfortable and properly fit for your fitness purposes so many people really want to buy treadmills. In order to find the best treadmill for yourself, you must really know what you are looking for to get the best buy treadmill. These following guidelines demonstrate you some questions that you should contemplate prior to buying it.


Goals – You are ready, aren’t you?
This is the most important. If you don’t have goals, you may finally waste you money for the treadmill. You need to start out your fitness regimen by working towards small and realistic goals within the reasonable timeline. You must try to beat them and gradually set bigger goals within the reasonable timeline. I will not go over about how to set the effective goals but you can try to read some articles on the internet.

Price - How much money you can afford?
There is wide range of new treadmill price from $500 to $5,500 that will be a significant investment. Therefore, you should have a certain acceptable budget range. If this is out of your budget, you may need to consider buying a used treadmill from someone who just doesn't use it, rather than buying the used one from gym because it may be used heavily before you get it. If you want to buy the used treadmill, my recommendation is that you should not buy a used treadmill that is more than one year old even though it is rarely used.

The Motor Horsepower – Is it strong enough for your purposes?
The recommended motor horse power (hp) should be at least 1.5 hp “continuous duty performance”. Please do not confuse with 'maximum power' or 'treadmill duty' motor because they are not the trusted values because you want continuous performance not a single maximum power value. Moreover, please look for the motor warranty, 1 year at least recommended.

Required Features on Treadmills
Many features of the treadmills that you should carefully look for are as follows:

Frame – the treadmills with a high alloy steel frame are recommended.

Belt size - at least 48" long and 16" wide

Roller Size - Recommend 2 inches or larger in roller diameter. Moreover, solid rollers are better than hollow rollers.

Speed Range - if you plan on running, you should consider the treadmills that are able to go up to 10 mph.

Incline – it is essential for simulating outdoor running, so get the treadmills with an incline that can rise up to 10%.

Cushioning - the running bed should absorb shock load and the belt shouldn't move around with every foot-strike.

Stability - the treadmills must not shake either running or walking and the frame should remain stable.

Control panel – it should display speed, distance and time at least and other options as heart rate monitoring, programmed workout, etc can be considered if price is still in an acceptable budget.

Safety – Safety is essential issue, therefore the treadmills must have emergency off button in order to turn the treadmills off immediately.

Warranty - High quality treadmills usually offer with longer warranties than their cheaper treadmills.


Check your area - There is enough space, isn’t it?
You must how much available space you have in your house for placing the treadmills prior to buying any treadmills. This issue sound ridiculous but it sometimes happens.

Try it out – You will know exactly which model is the best for you.
You should make a list of treadmills models and try them prior to making any decision. You must spend at least 10 minutes to walk and run on each listed model and ensure if it meet your requirements. Trying it is the must if you don’t do it; you won’t get the best one for you.

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