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Ladice Treadmills Review

Landice builds premium treadmills that constantly receive "Best Buy" ratings from leading consumer reviews. You really can't criticize a Landice treadmill, since they are engineered to last, and equipped with the finest components available. This includes a Baldor motor, which is industrial strength and is unsurpassed in performance.


The Landice treadmills range from $2,800 to $4,600x. Unlike other brands, you won't have to worry about replacing this treadmill for a number of years. In fact, a Landice treadmill may out last you.

One of the reasons Landice treadmills excel in quality and design, is because that is all they build. Unlike other treadmill manufacturers that build other types of fitness equipment, Landice specializes in only treadmills.

Their treadmills are built to institutional standards, in fact Landice has over 20,000 treadmills placed in health clubs around the world. They are built for serious runners who want a machine that will take a beating. The various accolades, as describe below, are evidence to the quality of their treadmills.

Landice Treadmill Reviews

Treadmill Doctor Review

Treadmill Doctor rated the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer a "Best Buy" in the $2,500 - $3,000 range for 2005. Their comments, "It's hard to pass up the lifetime warranty and if you are a runner, you will love this treadmill."

In general they say, "Landice has been making treadmills since 1967 and typically have a much better construction than appearance…with the upgrade to the new look electronics this year; they have really helped themselves in the aesthetics department.."

"An incredibly solid treadmill. Some cheaper treadmills may be better for some people but if you're serious, this is a serious machine."

"It is a thing that is beautiful in motion and you cannot beat the Baldor motor."

Runner' World Review on the Landice L*

RW rated the Landice L8 Road Runner treadmill 6th on their list.

The unique automotive motif includes shift-lever speed and incline controls, and analog-style gauges for speed and incline. Also features a six-disc Kenwood CD changer with speakers in the console posts and a headphone jack. Long 63-inch belt. Fast acceleration. Quiet running. Minimal programs. Scanning display can show only one piece of data at a time. Control buttons are small. Best warranty.
Tester quote: "The shift levers are easy to grab, and I gave Landice bonus points for this useful design innovation."

Regarding the L7 Executive Trainer: "An exceptionally solid, stable machine with a unique multi-feature display."

ConsumerGuide Treadmill Rating

ConsumerGuide gave the Landice L7 Executive Trainer and the L8 Cardio Trainer a Recommend rating. They gave the Road Runner L8 a "Best Buy".

Men's Fitness
Landice L7 Executive Trainer: “If you want the best - and can afford it - the L7 is the bad boy.”

The American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Awarded Landice their first-ever "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" awards


ConsumerSearch Review
ConsumerSearch said the following about the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer
Heavy runners/pros. Experts say that this sturdy, well-built Landice feels like a health-club treadmill and can take a real pounding from serious runners. It also gets high marks for ergonomics, an oversized running surface, and build quality, backed by a lifetime warranty on all parts. Experts say the 3 HP motor is smooth and quiet. This treadmill is a monster, with a large footprint, making it very stable-but you'll need plenty of floor space for the L7.

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