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Pro Form Treadmills: Are The Pro Form Treadmills Better Or Worse Than Other Treadmills?

Pro form treadmills are produced by icon health and fitness, which is responsible for many different icon treadmills.
While most of the icon treadmills are of very good quality, the pro form treadmills just don't measure up. They are cheap however, but not as reliable as others.

The prices for this particular treadmill, made by icon treadmills, are a lot cheaper than most. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $500 to $1800 for one.

The proform treadmills are one of the original icon treadmills and you can find them in almost every exercise equipment store.

Proform treadmills are very popular because of the tremendous number that consumers purchase each year. On the surface this alone would make you think that pro form treadmills are one of the best values available, but is this really the case?

While most consumers usually look at price as the determining factor when purchasing a treadmill it's a fact that a lower price usually means more problems.

Note! The very best place you can buy any exercise equipment including the pro form treadmills and other treadmills, is online. Online exercise equipment stores have many benefits over the traditional exercise equipment stores.
Reasons for this include lower prices of the pro form treadmills and other exercise equipment; a much greater selection of pro form treadmills; you get to select the features that you want, not what a salesperson wants you to buy; and many more benefits.

Here are some of the features you can get with some of the pro form treadmills:

• Proform treadmills come with what's known as a QuickSpeed™ Control. This is a nice feature because it allows you to increase or decrease your speed, at any time you're on the treadmill, with just a single touch.
This is quite advantageous for doing any time of interval training.

• Proform treadmills come with QuickIncline™ Control. This is much the same as the above mentioned feature except instead of jumping from one speed to another during your workout, you use this feature to jump to different inclines.
Again, I think this is a good feature.

• Some proform treadmills are equipped with a built-in interactive disc player and speakers. This allows you to use special interactive workout discs that can control your speed, incline, resistance, etc.
It uses a persons voice to motivate you. I find this annoying but a lot of other people do like it. It comes down to personal taste.

• Proform treadmills feature a pressure sensitive air shock beneath the running surface that helps to take the strain off your knees, ankles, hips, etc.
While this is a good feature, a lot of other treadmills have much better and more comfortable systems in place to reduce your workout strain.

• Proform treadmills have a built in heart rate monitor. While this is an important feature that helps you to stay within your proper heart training zone, it's nothing special or unique because almost every single treadmill made has the same thing.

• Proform treadmills have a fan to keep you cool while you exercise. I really like this feature because it really does work and keep you nice and comfortable, especially if you are using it in a building without air conditioning.

• Like almost all treadmills over the $500 price range, the pro form treadmills come with a number of pre-programmed routines.

• The speed variation on most of the pro form treadmills is pretty good. You can workout in a range of 0 to 12 miles per hour.

• The incline can be adjusted from 0 to 14. This allows for anywhere from a flat exercise session all the way to one that feels like you're walking up a mountain trail.

• The motor is pretty standard and come in a 3.0 CHP commercial grade. While it's powerful enough for most people, it's not exactly as quiet as you may like.

• As far as the running surface goes, it's not that great. The 19"x 55" sized running belt is not big enough for most taller people. I'd like to see one that adds both some length and width.

While the pro form treadmills may seem extremely good from all of the unique features they have, don't let this fool you. It seems the biggest problem is the durability.

It's very cost effective because of the cheap parts. Some reports are that this brand of treadmill is one of the most frustrating because of all the repairs needed.

If you're a serious runner or are really determined to get into good shape you're better off spending a little more money on a more reliable treadmill.
When it comes to treadmills, in most of the cases, cheap is not good.
The pro form treadmills, or any exercise equipment you use for that matter, is only part of the puzzle. You need to be able to effectively use your pro form treadmills or alternative exercise equipment properly and consistently to reach your goals.

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