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Treadmill maintenance to prolong the life of treadmill
Author: Saurya Ghosal

Treadmill maintenance is important and helps users to maintain their treadmill in proper condition. A quality treadmill should not require frequent treadmill maintenance. Treadmill maintenance includes periodic dusting and infrequent belt lubrication. To keep the treadmill running smoothly and efficiently, treadmill maintenance schedule should be followed frequently.

Treadmill maintenance includes detailed instruction provided by treadmill manufacturers on how to take care of and maintain treadmill. Treadmill maintenance helps users to keep the treadmill free from dust and dirt accumulation. Regular treadmill maintenance and good selection of treadmill parts help to extend the life of treadmill machine.

Treadmill maintenance can be performed with kits designed to improve the overall performance of the treadmill unit. The treadmill maintenance kit will prevent the excessive repair bills and are recommended for lubricating treadmill motors, parts, belt adjustments and minor repairs. Treadmill maintenance kits are designed for treadmills that require cleaning before lubrication and are recommended by leading treadmill manufacturers.

Treadmill maintenance includes numerous points that users should follow periodically in order to keep their treadmills in good working conditions and extend the life of their treadmills.

Treadmill maintenance keeps treadmill clean and dust free. Treadmill maintenance includes weekly dusting between the belt and deck which ensure long life of the treadmill machine. Treadmill maintenance keeps the deck dry and free of debris. The area where the treadmill is placed is kept dust free during the treadmill maintenance schedule.

Treadmill maintenance includes the process of tightening treadmill belts. Treadmill belts slip or stretch slightly since most treadmills provide the user with easy access to belt tracking and hence adjustments to the belts are required. Treadmill maintenance includes adjusting belt tracking as per the user guide of the treadmill.
Adjusting belt alignment is another point which is performed during treadmill maintenance. Treadmill maintenance ensures that proper belt tracking reduces the load on belt guides and ensures that the front and rear rollers are parallel. Treadmill maintenance process must follow the manufacturers directions on belt tracking to keep from misaligning or over stretching the belt.

Treadmill maintenance involves level adjustments to avoid squeaking sounds and belt mistracking of a non-level floor. Treadmill maintenance checks if the treadmill is leveled with the floor.

During treadmill maintenance care is taken to ensure that the power cord is free from the incline mechanism. Treadmill maintenance ensures that the belt and deck are kept clean, dry and dust free to ensure long lasting life of the treadmill. Do not wax a deck until it is recommended by the manufacturers.

Treadmill maintenance ensures low friction between deck and belt. A high friction between deck and belt will result in damage to the motor electronics. Treadmill maintenance process should follow the treadmills manufacturers guidelines fro proper deck and belt maintenance.

Treadmill maintenance also involves replacing circuit breaker fuses with the correct fuse. It is generally not recommended for users to replace blown fuses in the motor or motor controller. If blown fuse is discovered users should contact the treadmill dealer for proper replacement.

Treadmill maintenance checks that the treadmill consoles are grounded to an AC wall outlet to avoid console crashes. Computer defects will result in loss of control to incline and speed, and the treadmill may not even start at all. To help ensure against crashes, plug treadmill into a grounded AC outlet. If user treadmill computer console experiences repeated or frequent crashes, then it may need to be replaced.

Treadmill owner's manual provides detailed instructions on treadmill maintenance. Treadmill maintenance includes procedures along with troubleshooting guidelines and instructions on repairs. Treadmill maintenance helps to keep the treadmill in good working condition and ensure long life of the treadmill.

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