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Melissa Lukon (Fitness Model) Gallery


Melissa Lukon's biography

Melissa Lukon was born and raised in a small town called Derry, Pennsylvania (southeast of Pittsburgh) and began her performing career at age 14 as Ellie Greenwich in the musical "Leader of the Pack". She graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts. Having worked professionally for the last 15 years, Melissa has an extensive background in print and commercial work.

Melissa Lukon has always had an intense passion for athletics and fitness. Maybe this passion is fueled by growing up in the City of Champions. Maybe it is genetic. Only one thing is certain. Melissa never shies down from a challenge - and it drives every action in her life. She directly attributes her strength in fortitude to her family's loving support and strong relationships with outstanding athletic coaches. She knows she is very blessed to be surrounded by such quality people and she directly merits the instruction of fine coaches in forging a tremendously intense drive to succeed and a firey competitive spirit.

Melissa Lukon now walks in the footsteps of the inspirational coaches who have done so much for her. She now embraces the role of instructor and mentor. Her goal is to help others overcome their biggest obstacles in life by lifting their spirits up with the value of fitness and proper nutrition.

Melissa Lukon's Website:

Melissa Lukon's email:

Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image
Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image
Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image
Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image Melissa Lukon Image

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